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"Excellence is to do something common in an uncommon way."

George Washington Carver

Link to people, places, [lesson] plans, and other resources to enhance your journey of learning at home.

The Exchange

The Exchange is ExCEL's online resource directory, a growing list of hundreds of resources for learning at home.


Upcoming Events

  • Examine -  Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
  • Explore - History, Geography, Community Service, Careers, Foreign Language
  • Exercise - Physical Activity, Health
  • Expression - Language Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts
  • Excitement - Family Fun
  • Connect  - Support and Professional Development

Events to enhance, enlighten, inspire, connect. Save the date and join us.


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  • Excitement

    Socials are so exciting! This one is just for fun. Excitement brings homeschooling families together ...

  • Connect

    You teach at home but you are not alone. Homeschool help is just a click away. Get your questions an ...

  • Examine

    Examine life, the earth, and matter; take on technology; engage in engineering; and master math. ExC ...

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